Steve and I are getting married next fall! If you would like to see our proposal video click here, he did an amazing job, hehe. We are so very excited about this new chapter in our lives, and up until recently the wedding planning has consisted mostly of logistics like finding the perfect venue and an amazing wedding planner etc. I think this has been the funnest part of the planning process to date, asking five of my amazing friends to be part of our wedding party! I have to admit, it was very difficult having to ask only five people, truly. I have been so fortunate in my life to have a lovely group of ladies that I trust, love and respect and while they are not all part of the wedding party, they are imensely special to me. 

I purchased the gift boxes from Box and Bow, a super cute shop out of California that specializes in these types of gifts. You can order boxes with their pre designed collections, build your own box or purchase a la carte items! I purchased the boxes from them and included a few tokens that I picked out myself. I love how they came out and the girls loved them. It's amazing what you can create with a little Pinterest inspiration!

Oh and they all said yes, yay!