Briana and I took a trip to New York and LA recently to shoot a campaign for FHONE, and to get some content for myself. We arrived at LAX on Saturday night, tired from traveling and already a few days of shooting non stop. First order of business was a 2.5 hour drive to shoot in Joshua Tree, so on Sunday morning, we met up with Hallie, picked up a convertible and headed east. 

The sky was bright blue that day, the air was chilled and crisp, a lot of sunshine to light the way and make the colors pop but also the right amount of coolness in the air to keep us from burning up. I gotta tell you, Joshua Tree National Park is one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. You sort of feel like you're on another planet, the huge rocks that make up these mountains are all similar in shape but different sizes, some were as big as my car, some even bigger. They seem tiny from far away, but grow to these majestic boulders the closer you get to them. There is absolutely no reception in Joshua Tree, which I loved because you get to interact with your surroundings and take everything in, as it should be, without your head buried in a phone. What a lovely place, we continued to make the same comments throughout the day "Is this real life? Wow! Amazing! Look at that!" Haha, three kids in a painting, discovering something together for the first time. Of course the shooting part of this experience in Joshua Trip went amazing, I can't wait to show you the content we got. Both Bri and Hallie are a delight to work with, these shots we got are just dreamy. Hallie was such a blast to be around, such a talent but down to earth and so adventurous, she got me to climb more than I was prepared to, I'm glad she did!

After returning from Joshua, we called it a night and prepared for the rest of our time in Los Angeles. During the span of the next couple of days we spent our time shooting and squeezing in as much exploring as time would allow. The purpose of the trip was work but we made sure to check out some cool places, eat some yummy food and of course head to the beach, even if only for a drive! We had a shoot in Venice, so we took a drive up to Malibu and then drove down on the Pacific Coast Highway, it was beautiful! We spent the day in Venice Beach shooting Macy for FHONE, she took us on a little tour of the Venice Canals, such a cute area! It was another place that makes you feel as though you're elsewhere. Can I just say how refreshing it is to meet people that you vibe with instantly, Macy is one of those, she is laid back, kind, cool and gorgeous inside and out. I totally love her. 

LA was a dream, the weather was total magic and I can't wait to return. Not only that, but it was a door I was waiting to cross that has opened up a lot of possibilities, let's put a pin on that for now but stay tuned guys. I will be headed back soon to shoot again and hopefully spend a few days exploring other areas. A huge thanks to Briana for being an amazing travel companion. When she wasn't in front of the camera totally slaying our lives (duh!) she was helping me with other shoots and logistics. I couldn't have done this without her, not this efficiently, so big thanks to her for being a lovely person, killer model and overall amazing human being that she is! Enjoy some photographs from our latest adventure, cheers!

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