We had a wonderful shoot the other day with Jenifer LeGrand and Nicolle Saylor. We headed south and arrived at Artists Alley, in Delray Beach. We were not planning on this being the only location for the shoot but the place ended up flourishing in front of our eyes. A few perfect locations presented themselves and we remained there. Jenifer is a Yoga instructor and Nicolle is an avid Yoga Student and artist. Jen and I had been wanting to work together for a while but our schedules did not permit until now. The universe brought us together at the perfect time, Jenifer and Nicolle are starting a new business venture together in the coming months and wanted to have a few shots done.

Jen dedicated herself to becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in 2012 from Yoga Earth Studios in Boca Raton, FL and has been teaching ever since. Her Style consists of a Hatha flow. She teaches all levels and finds pleasure in ensuring that her classes are peaceful and filled with strength and healing. While I photographed her in her poses, I stood amazed at how in tune she is with her craft. Such an admiration came from capturing the moments that I will start taking a few classes with her soon!

Jenifer teaches private sessions, studio classes, paddle board yoga and beach yoga as well. She is a big inspiration for dedication and a reminder that everything is possible through discipline and consistency.

Jenifer is working towards opening her own Yoga Studio / Art Gallery with her partner Nicolle (pictured below)

You can find her here.

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Twitter: @jenilegrand

Instagram: @jenilegrand

Special thanks to: Artist Alley Delray, Steve Austin.