I met him at a refugee camp in Athens during my recent travel to Greece. He curiously came to see what all the volunteers were working on during our first day there. Inch by inch he came close and then closer and seemed to be interested in what we were doing. He did not tell me his name but how wonderful it was to have been trusted with his laughter. 

On that first day, we were divided into teams, my team had the task of organizing and cleaning a big warehouse. I was taking a break outside when I saw him, he was very curious about the camera but would cover his eyes every time I attempted to take his photograph. After a few tries and out of respect, I put my camera down. A short while passed, we were playing around a little bit, showing him and a few other kids the camera just being silly, I think this made his curiosity grow. He signaled me to take a photo, I did and from then on he was having fun. I would take a photo, he would ask me to see it and would laugh so hard every time, haha. We both laughed hysterically, that was our way of communicating during that special moment. For that short while, the norm was joy, the constant was happiness and connection between two strangers, and we experienced that without speaking a single word.

The young girl by his side, I assume could have been his sister, they were having so much fun, I will cherish that moment for the remainder of my life. It truly is the little moments that end up being the most memorable and wonderful. Laughter is something so common, yet some are unable to see just how powerful it is. Next time that you find yourself vibrating in a negative way, try faking a huge laugh for just an instant, I promise you it will turn into a real one in no time and your vibrations will change.

Photos taken at a refugee camp outside of Athens, Greece. June 2017.