Nikki Santoro For Bang Energy & Meg Liz Swim

My friends, I want to share with you an awesome shoot we did with Nikki Santoro for Bang Energy and Meg Liz Swim. We had a blast creating, Nikki is such a pleasure to work with. The first image you see below was used for the 2017 Bang Energy Models Calendar, make sure to check it out!




The Adobe Photo Jam 2015 was one of the coolest events I have ever been a part of. It was a creative medley of talent and like minds. I felt so in tune with myself and my surroundings during this event. Shout out to Megan Kirkwood for making it all possible and to Canvas Miami for hosting the coolest event of the year! I want to share with you my final entry. The theme was "Get to know your city" and this is what I envisioned. I had been wanting to do something fantasy-like for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to do that.

For a recap of the event please head over to:

Miami Photo Jam

Model: Caroline Brown (@caroline_brown_)

Trusty Right Hand: Jamice Ivie (@jamicei)


A few weeks ago we headed down to a photo session at Artists Alley, located in Delray Beach, Florida. The place is a community of artists, located along a small strip of establishments. These artists range from painters to sculptors and many other art forms in between. During my photoshoot with Jennifer LeGrand we crossed paths with this incredible artist and then a magical small collaboration happened.

Rye Quartz is an international muralist with over two decades of experience. He was in the middle of a big project but was interested in what we were doing and was all about being part of it! I love seeing this in our creative community, the desire to contribute, to give, to grow. This is what makes our collective so great.

You can find him here.

The artwork on the wall: Kiss by Rye Quartz.

Thank you Rye.


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If you know me personally or even by social media, you are probably aware that I lead a healthy lifestyle (for the most part, as I sometimes enjoy the experience that a slice of pizza has to offer). I am passionate about healthy food, nutrition and fitness. I'm also very passionate about animals, the environment and I try to implement practices into my life that are mindful to the planet and life in general. I am very excited to work with someone who shares the same ideals, someone that works tirelessly to bring us knowledge. I want to formally introduce to you Jennifer Parker, The Food Girl. She is currently working on re launching her brand, ready to reach new heights and bring you the latest, most important information regarding the food industry, sprinkled with a little fun of course! I will be assisting Jennifer with her photographic needs, I am honored to be part of this process and can't wait to show you! A little more on Jennifer's message to her readers:

"We are confronted with an array of food labelling issues. Accurate, easy-to-read, and scientifically valid nutrition and health information on food labels is an essential for informing consumers about proper nutrition. However, misleading claims are out of control and interfere our ability to make healthy food choices.

The food system is an enormously complex web of all the people, businesses, organizations and governments involved in the production, distribution, sale and consumption of food. The Food Girl brings this big picture down to a more manageable size. She shows the connections between the global food system and the things we do every day and how, through acting together and making better informed decisions, we can make a difference."

By following Edible Politic’s blog she will provide you with all the tools you need to live healthier, happier and longer lives! Check it out below and make sure you follow her social media:

The Food Girl

Enjoy a few lifestyle shots of Jennifer Parker and her sidekick, Diesel.


I received an email from this lovely lady one day and shortly after we were up in Palm Beach shooting this portfolio set. In our correspondence, we often joked about how well we got along, how it seemed like we had been friends for quite a bit. It wasn't until a few days before our first session, that we realized we both shared a very special mutual friend, the late and great Andre Rowe. Samantha and Andre were very close as well. Andre is no longer with us but he has a very special place in my heart. He was my mentor, I learned a great deal of what I know now about photography because of him. As fate would have it, he would put myself and Sam on the same path. Samantha D'Giff is a talented performer currently sharing time and work between sunny South Florida and New York City. She is incredibly sweet, I very much enjoyed working together, Sam is unique and so gorgeous! I look forward to working with her again in the future!

If you want to learn a bit more about Samantha, her life and upcoming projects, and I think you should, please visit:

Samantha D'Giff

Glam by: Amy Cunningham


I was asked to create a set of images to showcase the launch of a beautiful new luxury eyewear collection. I loved every minute of this process and can't wait to show you what we are working on next!

Here is a little bit about this wonderful company and what they are all about:

Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right.

Others say, glasses have to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic. Of course, that is also correct!

But for Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer, these things are not enough. They want more. They believe that glasses become a part of your personality. So, they say: "Love your glasses - as you love yourself!" Their clients can look in the mirror ... and fall in love with themselves, with FHONE Eyewear.

Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer, the original creators of Freudenhaus proudly invite you to a warm "Welcome back to the good old - brand new FHONE eyewear collection". Driven by the ideas and values from 1991, to give great people even greater glasses. Flat & Hammer intends to be a number one collection, but also find an ingenious way to talk about glasses. FHONE is an eye-to-eye communication accessory - fashionable, beautiful, made by artisan craftsmen in state-of-the-art quality. Japanese titanium, Italian acetate, calibrated hinges from Austria combined with german engineering and Stefan Flatscher design.

FHONE is the go to eyewear collection for every aspect of your life.

Enjoy FHONE - say it with your eyes.... and a smile.

Visit for more.