Hello friends! I'm feeling excited and motivated today, very thankful to be able to do what I love.

I hope you are having a fabulous day as well!

We have been working hard on material for a new campaign for FHONE and I am finally able to show you some stuff.

Take a look at the new faces & the gorgeous new styles.


Taylor Pardue

Caroline Brown

Carl King


I was asked to create a set of images to showcase the launch of a beautiful new luxury eyewear collection. I loved every minute of this process and can't wait to show you what we are working on next!

Here is a little bit about this wonderful company and what they are all about:

Some say, glasses have to be technically perfect, and they are right.

Others say, glasses have to be fashionable, trendy, cool, stylish and chic. Of course, that is also correct!

But for Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer, these things are not enough. They want more. They believe that glasses become a part of your personality. So, they say: "Love your glasses - as you love yourself!" Their clients can look in the mirror ... and fall in love with themselves, with FHONE Eyewear.

Stefan Flatscher and Uwe Pinhammer, the original creators of Freudenhaus proudly invite you to a warm "Welcome back to the good old - brand new FHONE eyewear collection". Driven by the ideas and values from 1991, to give great people even greater glasses. Flat & Hammer intends to be a number one collection, but also find an ingenious way to talk about glasses. FHONE is an eye-to-eye communication accessory - fashionable, beautiful, made by artisan craftsmen in state-of-the-art quality. Japanese titanium, Italian acetate, calibrated hinges from Austria combined with german engineering and Stefan Flatscher design.

FHONE is the go to eyewear collection for every aspect of your life.

Enjoy FHONE - say it with your eyes.... and a smile.

Visit www.fhone.com for more.