I spent a bit of time traveling to New York and Los Angeles recently, mostly for work to shoot a campaign for FHONE, which was super, I can't wait to show you guys more about that experience! During my time in LA I did a fun collaboration with Marianna Hewitt, a beauty and lifestyle blogger.

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I love working with Maegan, she brings new light and energy to every shoot. Maegan is a fitness model and actor currently based in Palm Beach. She is a VPX Sports sponsored athlete and one of the top models for Bang Energy. We always have a blast when we work together, take a look at some of the stills from our most recent set. 

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This set of Briana in the water is the first set of a series of creative portraits I am working on. I have been wanting to branch out from my usual work in portraiture and Real Estate, giving opportunity to the more imaginative parts of me to take flight. I spend a lot of my time photographing people, places and products, which I truly enjoy but I feel the need to unleash my more creative side, there is a part of me that wants to be seen, heard and felt.

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Fitness Shoot With Carolyn Marrone

My friends, I certainly hope that you are all having a fantastic start to the New Year! Let's kick it off on a great note, I had a wonderful shoot with Carolyn Marrone, a dedicated fitness coach. Carolyn is an excellent guide to many people in their quest for healthier habits and a much more fulfilling way of life. I suggest you check her out here!

See photos from the shoot below.

Portraits with Briana Holm - Palm Beach

Briana is an upcoming model, not only is she super gorgeous but has an incredible aura and such a hunger for life. She is intelligent, well spoken, motivated and knows what she wants. We did a shoot recently and had so much fun creating together. This won't be the last time you see her in front of my lens! I love what I do, in part because I get to meet a variety of people with so many interesting stories. Briana is such an inspiring young lady.

You can find her here!




We had a wonderful shoot the other day with Jenifer LeGrand and Nicolle Saylor. We headed south and arrived at Artists Alley, in Delray Beach. We were not planning on this being the only location for the shoot but the place ended up flourishing in front of our eyes. A few perfect locations presented themselves and we remained there. Jenifer is a Yoga instructor and Nicolle is an avid Yoga Student and artist. Jen and I had been wanting to work together for a while but our schedules did not permit until now. The universe brought us together at the perfect time, Jenifer and Nicolle are starting a new business venture together in the coming months and wanted to have a few shots done.

Jen dedicated herself to becoming a certified Yoga Instructor in 2012 from Yoga Earth Studios in Boca Raton, FL and has been teaching ever since. Her Style consists of a Hatha flow. She teaches all levels and finds pleasure in ensuring that her classes are peaceful and filled with strength and healing. While I photographed her in her poses, I stood amazed at how in tune she is with her craft. Such an admiration came from capturing the moments that I will start taking a few classes with her soon!

Jenifer teaches private sessions, studio classes, paddle board yoga and beach yoga as well. She is a big inspiration for dedication and a reminder that everything is possible through discipline and consistency.

Jenifer is working towards opening her own Yoga Studio / Art Gallery with her partner Nicolle (pictured below)

You can find her here.

Follow her social media pages:

Twitter: @jenilegrand

Instagram: @jenilegrand

Special thanks to: Artist Alley Delray, Steve Austin.


We spent a Saturday afternoon with Caroline Brown, an aspiring model living in Palm Beach. We visited a few locations and took in some of the sights as we captured images for her portfolio. I have worked with Caroline before and we always have a great time but this session was the most effortless, laid back session I think I've ever had! Experiences like these happen, but not so often, I felt very thankful and in tune with the results we were getting. Caroline is evolving beautifully as a model and it is my wish to see her succeed. Let's send her some good vibes!




If you know me personally or even by social media, you are probably aware that I lead a healthy lifestyle (for the most part, as I sometimes enjoy the experience that a slice of pizza has to offer). I am passionate about healthy food, nutrition and fitness. I'm also very passionate about animals, the environment and I try to implement practices into my life that are mindful to the planet and life in general. I am very excited to work with someone who shares the same ideals, someone that works tirelessly to bring us knowledge. I want to formally introduce to you Jennifer Parker, The Food Girl. She is currently working on re launching her brand, ready to reach new heights and bring you the latest, most important information regarding the food industry, sprinkled with a little fun of course! I will be assisting Jennifer with her photographic needs, I am honored to be part of this process and can't wait to show you! A little more on Jennifer's message to her readers:

"We are confronted with an array of food labelling issues. Accurate, easy-to-read, and scientifically valid nutrition and health information on food labels is an essential for informing consumers about proper nutrition. However, misleading claims are out of control and interfere our ability to make healthy food choices.

The food system is an enormously complex web of all the people, businesses, organizations and governments involved in the production, distribution, sale and consumption of food. The Food Girl brings this big picture down to a more manageable size. She shows the connections between the global food system and the things we do every day and how, through acting together and making better informed decisions, we can make a difference."

By following Edible Politic’s blog she will provide you with all the tools you need to live healthier, happier and longer lives! Check it out below and make sure you follow her social media:

The Food Girl

Enjoy a few lifestyle shots of Jennifer Parker and her sidekick, Diesel.


I received an email from this lovely lady one day and shortly after we were up in Palm Beach shooting this portfolio set. In our correspondence, we often joked about how well we got along, how it seemed like we had been friends for quite a bit. It wasn't until a few days before our first session, that we realized we both shared a very special mutual friend, the late and great Andre Rowe. Samantha and Andre were very close as well. Andre is no longer with us but he has a very special place in my heart. He was my mentor, I learned a great deal of what I know now about photography because of him. As fate would have it, he would put myself and Sam on the same path. Samantha D'Giff is a talented performer currently sharing time and work between sunny South Florida and New York City. She is incredibly sweet, I very much enjoyed working together, Sam is unique and so gorgeous! I look forward to working with her again in the future!

If you want to learn a bit more about Samantha, her life and upcoming projects, and I think you should, please visit:

Samantha D'Giff

Glam by: Amy Cunningham