This set of Briana in the water is the first set of a series of creative portraits I am working on. I have been wanting to branch out from my usual work in portraiture and Real Estate, giving opportunity to the more imaginative parts of me to take flight. I spend a lot of my time photographing people, places and products, which I truly enjoy but I feel the need to unleash my more creative side, there is a part of me that wants to be seen, heard and felt.

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Photography - Alexus Henry In Palm Beach

I was introduced to Lex through a fellow photographer in the area, I loved her look and wanted to get her in front of my camera asap! Before I met her, I was curious about her, there was something underneath that I could sense but could not fully see. I'm not only talking about her beauty, it was something more. After meeting in person, I learned that Lex has many layers, I was able to peel some of them to reveal this confident, ravishing and totally awesome person. Someone with depth, yet incredibly laid back. It was a blast to capture these images for her.

Take a look at some of my work with Lex.

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We spent a Saturday afternoon with Caroline Brown, an aspiring model living in Palm Beach. We visited a few locations and took in some of the sights as we captured images for her portfolio. I have worked with Caroline before and we always have a great time but this session was the most effortless, laid back session I think I've ever had! Experiences like these happen, but not so often, I felt very thankful and in tune with the results we were getting. Caroline is evolving beautifully as a model and it is my wish to see her succeed. Let's send her some good vibes!




If you know me personally or even by social media, you are probably aware that I lead a healthy lifestyle (for the most part, as I sometimes enjoy the experience that a slice of pizza has to offer). I am passionate about healthy food, nutrition and fitness. I'm also very passionate about animals, the environment and I try to implement practices into my life that are mindful to the planet and life in general. I am very excited to work with someone who shares the same ideals, someone that works tirelessly to bring us knowledge. I want to formally introduce to you Jennifer Parker, The Food Girl. She is currently working on re launching her brand, ready to reach new heights and bring you the latest, most important information regarding the food industry, sprinkled with a little fun of course! I will be assisting Jennifer with her photographic needs, I am honored to be part of this process and can't wait to show you! A little more on Jennifer's message to her readers:

"We are confronted with an array of food labelling issues. Accurate, easy-to-read, and scientifically valid nutrition and health information on food labels is an essential for informing consumers about proper nutrition. However, misleading claims are out of control and interfere our ability to make healthy food choices.

The food system is an enormously complex web of all the people, businesses, organizations and governments involved in the production, distribution, sale and consumption of food. The Food Girl brings this big picture down to a more manageable size. She shows the connections between the global food system and the things we do every day and how, through acting together and making better informed decisions, we can make a difference."

By following Edible Politic’s blog she will provide you with all the tools you need to live healthier, happier and longer lives! Check it out below and make sure you follow her social media:

The Food Girl

Enjoy a few lifestyle shots of Jennifer Parker and her sidekick, Diesel.


We had the pleasure of doing Zoe's very first shoot. From the moment she stepped in front of my camera, I knew she was very special. She has since entered the world of modeling and is enjoying every minute of it. This is a look at another shoot we did with her here in Palm Beach. We visited places in Jupiter, Abacoa, Blowing Rocks and had a fantastic time!


I had the pleasure of doing this beauty's very first modeling portfolio. I have to say, I was absolutely blown away by her demeanor. Michelle is an absolute love to work with, so easy to direct, had fantastic ideas herself and is a stunning young lady. She is a natural and I can't wait to see what's in store for her. Make up by: Kiss This Makeup