I have been to the moon excited about this step, finding the dress of my dreams, a dress that was totally "me" and something I could see myself wearing to walk down the isle to that amazing man of mine. While that is true, I had also been feeling a little concerned about it. I wanted to put it off for a few months, I was thinking that I would have more time to get in better shape, tone up etc but of course, time creeps up on you and bam! I didn't know that it typically takes an average of 7 months for dresses to be ready! I decided to start looking for it, with a little hesitation I made some appointments and with the help of some friends the search was on! 

To be completely transparent, I haven't exactly been feeling 100% like myself lately, I'm definitely not in the shape I want to be for our wedding, so I was feeling a little bit anxious about trying on dresses. I have been my most critical during the last three years, something definitely happens after thirty and it's a little more difficult to stay in tip top shape, but what happened next is something I did not expect, reality far exceeded my expectations. While I did visit some boutiques that did not dazzle me, I was surprised with how good I felt about myself during the fittings and you know what I quickly realized? I was being entirely too hard on myself, putting tremendous pressure on a situation that is supposed to be one of the most amazing experiences of your life. So what did I do? I let go of that nonsense immediately, I had no choice, there I was trying on these gorgeous gowns for my very own wedding, so I enjoyed every moment of it!

We as women need to give ourselves a break, we really do. We don't give ourselves enough credit and put such a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure, if only we could have these revelations more often! I struggle with this a lot more than I should, I know this for a fact and because of that, I try to work on it everyday. It all comes down to finding a formula that works for you, which then paired with consistency becomes key. I'm not just referring to exercise, this goes for anything and everything that makes you feel GOOD, anything that drives your passion and allows you to be the best YOU possible. We all need to do more of that and stop feeding into the societal "norm" for what is "acceptable" as beauty and overall bad-assness or whatever your lifestyle "should be". We all have to do better at that and try to not sabotage ourselves in the process. 

Anyway, during my wedding dress search, I felt amazingly beautiful and so fortunate. There were times that I'd look in the mirror and just think to myself "how did I get this lucky?" it was truly a beautiful experience that I will never forget. I never thought I would feel this amazing, let alone find my dress so fast! It only took 2 days to find it and well, if you know me you know that I tend to be a tad indecisive lately, haha, so it definitely took me by surprise. I've heard people say that something will just click and you'll just know that will be the dress. It happened just like that. The experience at Boca Raton Bridal was amazing from start to finish, every visit has been truly wonderful, I highly recommend visiting them if you're looking for your dream dress. I have nothing but amazing things to say about them, specially Jessica who helped me find my perfect dress and knew exactly what I wanted, what would fit my body the best etc, she truly has a gift. 

I found my dream dress, surrounded by some of my best friends in the whole world and felt amazingly happy, I am so fortunate and so full of gratitude. I wish an experience like this on every bride to be. Lastly, the reason I wanted to open up about my feelings of anxiety regarding finding the dress is because I want you guys to know that your attitude plays a huge part on any experience. It also can drastically affect big decisions you may have to make. I have learned over the years to lean towards the positive and I've noticed how much it's changed my life. I want to encourage you guys to lean towards the good, to fill your heart and minds with positive energy and go into each day with an open mind and an open heart. That will be the difference.

A big thanks to my girls for helping me say yes to the dress, I couldn't ask for better friends, I love you guys so much! I'm so excited about this chapter in our story, I leave you now with a few photos of the day. Thanks for reading guys, It means more than I could verbalize. See you on the next post. 

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